About work

We´re Ana and Gracia, two female designers and patrons who combine responsibility, enthusiasm and passion in our designs and our personal life.

We create Rutilare to respond to the needs of women like you in the world. The slow philosophy allows us to design models entirely with certified natural fabrics.

Our PetitColection is a unique collection made in small quantities,
thus guaranteeing excellence in quality and exclusivity of our sustainable models, for those who demand elegance, comfort, self-care,... but above all... soul and heart.

We pay special attention to the choice of our fabrics to pamper your skin.

We create very combinable patterns. It allows us to customize the models. Always put our sights on your needs.

Your uniqueness, our goal.

We work for a decent job. For this reason, we produce in local and nearby workshops. This allows us to know the hands that sew your clothes. 

Our social commitment didn´t allow us to produce in any other way.